i survived camp! only lost one leg the afternoon before! :P
okay la, that was abit drama. i just cant walk properly. all the aching will get much worse tomorrow but it’s okay, i dont intend to wake up. i need to sleep for one week straight!!

camp was… i dont know. i cant think of a word for it. what’s the word that’s better than ‘chun’? what’s the word better than ‘great’? what’s the word better than ‘amazing’? or the word better than ‘superbly amazing’? really, it was THAT good.

5 days flew passed sooo quickly. faster than the birds even!

i loved the messages by uncle steven very much! but unfortunately he could only touch on 4 stages instead of all 7. and his famous genuine pearl necklace in the velvet box story.
i really enjoyed! even the bathing part every single evening where i had to stand still in the bathroom for 10 minutes with my hair and body covered with soap (till it dried up) because we didnt have water. and the part where we played under the rain every afternoon. and the part where i was soaked in mud and tissue bombs.

camp was really mind-blowing. i’ve learnt so much. and now that i’m back, i will stop working for god; i will stop asking god to bring me through my problems; i will stop asking him to bless the things i plan.
instead, i want to work with god, go through my problems with him, and let him tell me what to plan, according to his will.
because just a few days ago, god told me that he knows i’m trying very hard. :)

bah. i wanna bathe now, and pangsai!

my new blog address is
i figured that you smart people would find out somehow sometime someday anyway. so dont want you all so sanfu la. :P


Camp Transformation 2007!!

in an hour’s time i’m leaving to broga, semenyih for the biggest, bestest, funnest, happeningest, syiokess, everythingest camp ever (so as ernest say)! :P

if i survive the camp, i’ll be back on tuesday! :)

one of my biggest regrets before i even reach camp is that i lost my camera at home!! how can right!! i remember it was there!!!!!! now it’s gone! like magic – ‘poof!’
and xianjin’s camera is too gigantic for me to bring along. bah! so sway la! how can i not take any pictures from the most happeningest camp. *&^%@#! :( :(

okay la i dont wanna talk already.
oh and i finally made up my mind. i’m going to the gala night as morticia addams. you know, the one from addam’s family. villain mah! can lah! and the costume i have is actually 99% similar to hers. hehe.
except i’m gonna wear my havana flipflop because my cantik black shoe very heavy. malas to carry. :(

till then, stay alive peeps! *waves*

Moving Out annilicious.wordpress


i’m moving.

i’ll post my url once it’s done. :)

still thinking if i should go back to blogspot because i miss making my own layouts, or stay at wordpress and stick to their really boring templates. if i do stay, i wanna try ocean mist next. :)

Drenched In Sweat

11:30pm – 3:00am.

thank you. :)

my dear, i hope we made your day. :)
you still have us!!

your ‘bottoms-up’ killed me. but i still love you… like, ‘that’ deep! :)
you are a gem of a friend worth dying for. really.

naughty girl, stop being so naughty already!
i dont wanna see you there again next week. :P

i thought about it… we’ll stick with HotScotch. ;)

10 Hours Of Shopping

so i hit ikea again! :)
and the curve and ikano and 2046 cafe.

dragged yin mei this time and we shopped a whole 10 hours!

i had potato chips for breakfast, meatballs and westcoast salad for lunch, baskin robbins for tea, rosti for dinner and ice kacang for dessert! i know la, how to go on diet right. :P

we have been friends since the first day of college. argued countless of times over assignments but always ended up laughing like mad over the smallest things, been really angry with each other but always there to comfort and care. and the reason being… we are friends. good friends. best friends. most favourite friends. lesbian partners. :)

i just have to keep a distance from her because she has somekind of shopping vibes with her and it makes me want to buy and buy and buy and buy. which, really, is not a good thing after yesterday.

My Baby

last time when people say dogs are men’s best friends, i never understood. when they say they love their dogs very much, i doubt if they were saying it for the sake of saying. or if they are saying it like how i say i love my bags and shoes. a kind of liking, but definately not ‘love’. because, how can someone have such deep love for a dog?

tonight, i cried because i’ve finally decided to give my puppy away.

my puppy is not a pedigree, so he’s not beautiful. he’s naughty and aggressive, he’s hot-tempered and impatient too. but he is very, very healthy. he’s very active, very playful and he knows how to buy hearts of those who loves him. he’s a very quick learner, and he’s very, very smart and intelligent.

baby, sit.

baby, hand hand.

he is by far one of the cutest puppies i’ve met, and have gotten the chance to take care of.

making the decision of giving him away was the hardest, next to the breakup i called. i have all the reasons to, but only one reason not to.

baby, i love you too much.

i’m giving him to isaac. but because of his busy modelling career, he’ll be leaving baby at his hometown in malacca. his family adores dog alot. but they’ll be feeding him rice and bones, plus he will be able to run freely… that also means there are alot of dogs around the area so he’d get bruises and wounds from fighting.

i’m bothered because i prefer my baby to be fed dog food. and i don’t want him to live with unhealed wounds and ticks and fleas by mixing with other stray dogs.

isaac will collect baby next week. so if you are interested to adopt him, please give me a call or write me an email. you just have to shower him with lots of love and care. probably some treats and bones occasionally. dog food doesnt cost much. a packet of 3kgs will cost you rm19.90, which will last for a month. and when he grows bigger, you can get the other brands of adult dog food which is much cheaper. around rm38 for 8kgs. so you’ll have to pay less than rm1 per day.

he is still young so you can train him to adapt to your home, where to pee and what-nots. he likes bones alot and when you give him one, he’ll go to a corner, sit quietly to chew it. you also have to give him a cloth to lie on and sleep with. that’s all.

i’ll give you 4 kgs of dog food i’ve bought. and half bottle of cookies treats. and the bones i got from pets wonderland. and an apple-scented shampoo he loves. and a dog comb to check if he has fleas or ticks. and a chain. and a puppy toy he’s been living with since the day i brought him home. and a few puppy collars.

he doesn’t have a name yet. i’ve always wanted the best, nicest name for him that until today i still call him Baby. he’s dewormed, but not vaccined or neautered because the vet thinks he’s still too young. but if you think it’s going to be quite costly, i’ll pay for his medical fees.

you just have to promise me that you’ll love him. the kind of love that’s more than just feeding him. the kind of love that requires lots of effort and sincerity. the kind of love that you’d give to a best friend. the kind that i’ve given him for the past 2 months.

you will love him.

baby, good boy.


36 hours ago i was arguing with all my coursemates that no one can be loster than me in economics.
24 hours ago i was very tensed up because i didnt know how to answer my economics paper. i think i’ll get a B. plus, minus or just a B. or maybe a C. plus, minus or just a C. he tested us on perfect competition, monopoly, economies of scale, internal economies, and a calculation question that i didnt know how to answer at all. the thing to be angry about was, all questions were exactly the same as the tutorial questions he gave out in class. how to score when out of 5 classes i’ve only attended 2… and one of the 2 was a quiz so you don’t count that a class.

moral was okay la. except i didnt have time to complete my paper. many friends left an hour later… which was the time i baru finished my first short answer question, another 4 essays to go. so stress can die; finger can putus also. in two hours, i wrote 7 pages of religion, bible, native belief, taoism, honorable characteristics, ethical decision making, moral dimensions, conflicts, methods to resolve conflicts, and abortion. and i continued writing until mr justin came to me and said ‘dear, you really have to stop’.

i was pretty emotional yesterday. it strucked me that it was going to be my last time there as a student. upset too, because i didnt have the chance to say a proper goodbye to all my lecturers and friends. and the office people i love to bits. and the photostating aunty. and the wantan mee guy. and my ttm. and the first shop aunty who always sponsors our events with mineral waters. and mr. nava our cutest, most responsible security guard. and the kakaks who always gives me free drinks and additional fried wantans. and the kakak who handles all my monthly parking fee.

i got home after being stuck in one of the longest jam in federal highway ever. took a good bath, ate some tofu, and slept for 12 hours straight. i’m awake now, with my energy charged. :)


i want to visit all the furniture shops in malaysia and do lots of furnitures shopping with my mum! i wanna eat jalan alor’s chicken wings! i want to retidy my room after the exam trauma mess! i want to watch all the movies in the cinema! i want to eat all i can in westin hotel! i wanna go phuket! and bangkok! and genting! and penang! and port dickson! and visit michelle in seremban! and singapore!!! and sunway lagoon! and go shopping!! and drink lots of coffee and beer and whisky. and dance! and and i wanna rock climb everyday! and buy some shoes and bags. and and… ahh… there are so many things i want to do! who wanna do it with meeee! :D :D