Hanging On A Monkey Bar

i’m so emotionally and physically drained. if i were given a choice, i’d break down and cry, but i cannot afford to… not now.
i need a computer, a handphone, a shoulder, a listener, a helper, and a someone who’s willing to hold my hand and walk this through with me.

i finally fell sick yesterday night. no one was home. those that were, were already asleep. i was struggling so hard to breathe properly; practically dying. later at night kuan may and wai sum brought me dinner and some really bitter tea. suddenly i just wanna give god a big hug for blessing me with true friends that would go that extra miles for me.

my final event is this saturday already. there are so many things to do, yet so little time left. i need a computer to update the campaign website but college’s computers blocked blogger.com., and the only time for me to work on my publicity materials are after 3pm when all computer classes end, which is impossible because i have to collect stuff from my event’s sponsors. :(

my computer crashed. it was really just a very minor problem at the beginning, but turns out that my graphic card is spoilt and my motherboard isnt functioning well anymore. to add on, my computer became chinese literate. everything i type comes out chinese. heck, i don’t even know if those were chinese characters. i have to change the setting each time i open a new internet explorer. the frustration kinda got into me and i’m really near to hitting the cpu and scream and break down. and cry all night long. and then go to the loft and release all my stress.

and i’m starting to believe the saying that goes – bad things come in bulk. my handphone’s down as well. basically in every 10 calls i make or receive, i experience voice breaking in 9 of them. no, not the reception. no, not the sim card either. and i’ve not allocate any extra money for a new handphone.

i don’t know. i have so many things to do now and i’m falling. like i’m hanging on the monkey bar, straining every possible nerve to hang on there and using every single bit of strength i have left to move on to the next bar until i reach the end.

i think i should just go get a lollipop, or an ice-cream.
… no. i think i want a tiger beer. :(


11 responses to “Hanging On A Monkey Bar

  1. :) Im here.

  2. Geez, i dun know if i can comfort u under such circumstances but i just wanna let u know that i care! hehehe~ Su Ann~ In all the bad times u had, try to seek the good in it. Whenever u have problems, look around u, do u not notice many ppl care for u? Even if u can’t see it, it doesn’t mean we are not there for u. And 1 last thing!!!! Whenever u have prob, dun just post it on ur blog! sms or call me la!!!! u know i dun like to read wan ma!!! Ur blog all so long~ Hahahaz! u ar!!! dun forget ur lil brother here! u know he’ll come ur hse to feed u dinner if u can’t walk out rite? he’ll teman u shop and end up holding ur shopping bags rite? u also know that he’s the place where u can keep secrets rite? and last but not least u know that ur lil bro over here will do silly things to make u happy rite? hehehe~ Cheer up!!!! I vy sleepy~ feel like dying…. I hope tis cheers u up! =D

  3. Cheer up Che Su Ann! =)

  4. su ann su ann!!! i wanna go on sat!! i’ll call you later.. have to ask some of my friends to go with me..ehe..cheer up my dear friend =)

  5. S and E. good combination

  6. Don’t worry, be happy… ^^

  7. aiks… don’t worry and be happy :3 come let’s go out and swim ok? raintree :D

  8. go raintree? visit my hse after that la k? hahahz!

  9. Ngai: and i need lots of cuddles. :(

    Heartz: yes sai lou, i know you’re always there. like wise, you know i’m there too. :)

    Bridget: where’s my lollipop!

    gal: i promise you bring you out one day okay. wait till you are bigger first, young lady. :P

    pyy: i dont argue with someone as defensive as you. :P

    Faithfulangel: you too! time to cheer up!

    gurl: gym too! but you’re always not free!! and i wanna go watch movie with you!!

  10. anytime la. my 1 week break starts on monday. come come :) duan gym la. i damn lazy one! you should know that! XPXP

  11. gurl: let’s go swimming now kay kay!

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