C’est La Vie

i’m early today… it’s 5.24 in the morning. i woke up 20 minutes ago, removing my contact lenses that were starting to hurt and took a nice quick shower.
i’m feeling very nauseousy. my head is heavy and i’m anxiously waiting for the remaining 7% of maple story to complete before i get to install and play.

i’ve been rather dead for the past few days. like i was waking up for the sake of it and moving along with everyone else. i feel a need to slow down and think, but everytime that happens, my footsteps get bigger, faster, and even faster.
i need to think what really happened, why it happened, and understand that it is just another phase of life i have to get through and done with.

i guess that’s how life works you know. there’s always a period of time when life carries you up and make you feel like the luckiest and happiest person around… then it intentionally let its hand go and drop you to the ground, painfully. it’s like this vicious circle that goes on and on and on and on and on until you learn the real meaning of life (but you didn’t really think that it would happen, did you?) so you are supposed to make the best out of it, knowing what ointment suits you best to help you recover.

i was climbing at camp 5 today. after my 4th wall, i sat down at the castle wall area alone while the others went to the boulder cave. looking at those tiny rocks reminded me of the different obstacles we go through in life. i just have to keep climbing until i reach the top, to god. and that’s how really amazing god is… to speak to you through the colourful animal-shaped stones screwed to the walls. :) :)

tonight i walked the mall alone, bought a new belly ring and some pretty accessories, and pampered myself to french manicure and pedicure. girls, i know!! :P
then i left one utama after jam hours and headed to cell group and kept myself occupied.

3 days left before i bid college life a long goodbye. it’s starting to get into me about how it’s really, really ending and i’m going to miss everything that happened in the two and the half years of my diploma study.
ah, c’est la vie.


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