And I Passed Out Too.

10:00pm – 4:00am.
decanter, hartamas.

to the end of diploma!

amresh is the hamsaplou of lime magazine.
and yin mei was supposed to be our bully victim.

leon cannot drink!

the waterfish isnt supposed to drink! he started with soya bean, then coke, then lots of tiger.

the sober hunk and the game master.

i told you the lousy fella cannot drink.
and failing your kindergarten maths 6 times make you a passed out rachel. :P :P

those who werent supposed to collapse collapsed.
what happened to the original plan!!! \&*$#@*&


10 responses to “And I Passed Out Too.

  1. it was all of u that colour my life. thanks n i love u, su ann

  2. AHA! i save myself!
    u guys, plan again la if u think u can beat me!

  3. Heyy!! I had to drink boon chin’s share too!!! Fendy and Amresh din drink much also… grrr….
    ANyway, it was a great night out. Let’s do this again, and this time we’ll all target yin mei… ONLY YIN MEI!!! DIEEEE, yin mei… DIEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  4. haha, Leon shut up man. I drank like 8 mugs in our table, then when i went to interview ppl they gave me 3 or 4 more mugs. If you can count…
    Anyway, wanna have a beer showdown you weakling? All red and sleeping. Piff!

  5. HaHa…Yin Mei, you watch out…lol. we’ll gladly take up the challenge…maybe we’ll get to see some action from Yin Mei next time…lol. maybe some dancing like in Genting…hehe…*hint hint*…haha. so dun be so happy yet k? lol. Loo Yin Mei, you’re our next target!! = P hahaha…

    Hey Su Ann, i couldn’t count coz i was already tipsy…lol. not fair…*blush*

  6. i wanna our friendship built in taylors to maintain down to roads.

    i miss you guys!
    ALL of u must miss me too!
    i dont care

  7. hoi why i didnt know about this.

    haha. who cares who drank less or more. we all had fun!

  8. yin mei: eh, you are loud enough already. louder somemore you sure kena from all of us. that time i wont sit on the same boat with you. so shhhhh… :P

    Leon: mr. pck, lousy excuse laaa! and yes, definately must do it again!!

    Amresh: that’s why i say you are the ultimate hamsaplou. suppose to be only me, wai sum, yin mei and rachel. turns out some birthday girl pulak!!

    RaCh: yeah! i missed the pole dancing show. i cannot miss it the next time!! ;)

    fendy: you’re the man! jom minum!! ;) ;) ;)

  9. hahaha, i had to interview her for Lime. Hey, i got free drinks at least

  10. After finals, Jom Minum again!! Lol…= P

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