The First Of May

first of may marks the kick-off of my diet plan.
i dont have a plan to start of with actually. just… bits and pieces of here and there from everywhere. i don’t know if mixing them together would work… but you could help by saying something supportive, than to spit discouraging words and throw me mean laughs.

i had chillis last week with the 2 best friends to celebrate the end of our diploma study.
no more chillis for me now. :(
how to survive tuesday nights without monterey chicken or mashed potatoes or buffalo wings you tell me. :( :( :(

i also had one of the best sinful dinner in mungo jerry before i face prison!

so if my diet works…
i’ll tell you the before-after weights. and you shall spend me chillis’ triple play. dome’s potato wedges. saisaki’s buffet. mungo jerry’s fried pork. madam kuan’s nasi lemak. pizza uno’s cabonara. zipangu’s japanese buffet. kfc’s original fried chicken. shangri-la’s buffet. inagiku’s shabu-shabu beef. teratai mamak’s charkueyteow. and jalan alor’s chicken wings!!!!!

i’m so hungry now… and it’s only 5 hours and 54 minutes of the first of may. :(


3 responses to “The First Of May

  1. Eh Su Ann~! We go Mungo Jerry again when I come back alright? Just one more, for May la~!!

  2. No more Tuesday afternoon KFC with me? :(

  3. zhaohan: when when!!! i wanna gooooo… quickly come back!! *drools* :D :D

    Hopeless Romantic: look who’s talking! you ditched me off first okayyyyy!! :( :'( :”(

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