The Unforgettable Affair

6:30pm – 12:30am
bond martini bar, avenue k

it was definately an affair not to miss.

the mr. romeo who failed to smile properly when the camera snapped.
stephanie, our true you ambassador. she sang angela zhang’s yi shi de mei hao and it was simply superb! ;)
natalya, my favourite secretary and stage manager.
juliana and michelle, the twins who grew up to beautiful ladies with me since semester 1!

more pretty girts! rehka, piggy, ragina, and li ping! :)
evon, my bank manager. there’s no equality because our money is her money; her money is her own money!!

zak and jenhan, my favourite standup comedians. you must love them to bits!!
my favourite cousin and climbing kaki, gin. :)
sabrina and grace, the two lovelies who survived the whole campaign with me, alive. i could have been the worse director without them!! *lots of huggles and kisses*

Yin Mei – my fav pic and of course, fav friend too, su ann chong said:
mayb someday we can b lesbo partners
su ann said:
at this rate we’re going… can lah!! :P


7 responses to “The Unforgettable Affair

  1. how come dont have poor sung’s picture wan….Sniff sniff..

  2. phwoar…looks like you’re still going strong! haven’t checked-in in quite a while and you’re still blogging regularly. congrats on finishing diploma. looks like u really celebrated :) take care n God bless :)

  3. Lol..I look constipated there!..Anyway, good for you Su Ann! hehe

  4. sung: because you never want to take pictures with me! :P :P

    animefreak: celebrated, and more celebrations to come! :)

    xj: your url is the lamest ever seen. and no, the compliments happen to sound otherwise. they ask me who that handsome hunk is. i said you’re taken (you know, by jenny.) :P


    ANNILICIOUS – TAKEN BY JENNY!?!!!?!?!?!?!?

    (caps lock on purpose to show extreme shockness…haahaha)


    whoops forgot to say its me Jenhan here

  7. ya la… his heart belongs to you, jennyhan. :P

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