The Randoms

my wisdom tooth is coming out. i’m panic because my braces are on. i wanna eat jalan alor’s chicken wings. and their lala and crab. the bag was shouting for me at forever 21, so i bought it. and so my credit card is busted for this month. but i really like it. like i was made for me. :) i got a new computer, figuratively. found a hundred ringgit in some hidden corner of my room few days back. i climbed the sentinel wall and it feels like heaven. i wanna play frisbee. i’m wishing for my period to come so i can bid the pms a goodbye. it’s natasha’s birthday at bijou. i’m not drinking alcohol anymore. the prayer of jabez is superbly amazing. i’m moving in my new house in september. found another hundred in my organizer. i’m rich this month. i should let the shopaholic me out for awhile, it’s been jailed too long. i took 7 hours and 23 minutes to write an essay about myself and i ended up writing a short story about the cockroach and the red ant. my interior designer is very convincing. i want to do something crazy. like jumping in the pool at 5 in the morning. the christian values my church preach are overrated. kay lynn’s having her birthday bash at camp 5. i want to read my harry potter collections all over again. my annoying puppy is the sweetest pie on earth. taking pictures of my 36 pairs of shoes to stick on the box so they can be easily picked out next time. i’m cutting my hair short. yung han is a lying waterfish. jansen and natalie are my cutest nephew and niece to date. i want to get my harness and climbing shoes from vancouver. sarah is coming back on september. she has a cousin who doesnt know how to shit. i’m tired of earrings. calvin ngai is the cutest darling. my swatch watch ran out of batteries. my mp3 player is spoilt. i’m getting an ipod. confidence makes a person glow. i’ll name my daugther charlotte. and my son jayden. i dont need to study for moral exam because i just need a few marks to get an A. moral says we’re all good beings but influenced by negative karma. cimb’s platinum card is nicer than maybank’s. i want to get an amethyst color contacts. i wanna eat baskin robbin’s icecream. i miss pang yee young. i want to try my puppy’s treats and biscuits. i swiped a total amount of rm450+ on my mph card today. tong hua doesn’t sound so tong hua anymore. i want to buy all the pretty sheets in aussino. camp’s gala theme is villain night. anyone has lex luthor’s botak wig? or i’ll borrow vincent’s clothes and go as him. i’m falling inlove with angels. jay chou’s ju hua tai makes me cry. the iron and iron board mum is buying cost her rm600++. i’m having my own attached bathroom in a few months time. the new wardrobe can fit all my clothes! my current cupboard is broken because it couldnt take the load. finally watched final destination 3 and yung han scare me to the max. god is good. smallville season 6 is out. i want to lose 10kgs. let’s go victoria station. i’m happy because i got all my msn emoticons back. i owe stephy 3 bottles of absolute vodka. i need to fly to bangkok. i will give everything for just a day in chatuchak market. i need to bathe and go to bed. good morning, it’s 6:20am. :)


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