Girls’ Partieeee!!!

3:00pm – 5:00pm.
bijou, mont kiara.

happy birthday, sweetheart!

“happie birthday, natasha.” petite jordan said those words in the sweetest tone ever! :)

you know, kids can be the sweetest and cutest. but not when they’re wild with excitement at the playground. they are sooo rough and careless that keeping track on them makes you lose 2kgs.

baby jane is all grown up. she looks so elegant in her little scarlet gown. :)

baby natalie!
“what’s your name?” “nat nat.” :)
it’s like she knows magic. one minute she’s still playing the handphone, next she’s running wild on the playground, then in a blink of the eye, she’s behind you and she goes, “boo!”

my darling jan sen!
my nieces and nephews are growing up too fast! now he knows how to smile at me and tell me i’m pretty. (okay la i exaggerated a little bit. hehe.)

the little sweethearts are the sweetest that way. :)

the birthday cakes and little cuppacakes!
one for everyone!!

and the sweetest of all…
a candid of peak sen and jan sen.
“awww…” :) :) :)


3 responses to “Girls’ Partieeee!!!

  1. sooooooooooooo cute!!!! wow. jan sen is already so big!!

  2. lilmui: yeah! compare his baby picture in the family website and now. woah! big difference! ;)

  3. hahaaahahaha good times before he wreaked havoc!!!

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