36 hours ago i was arguing with all my coursemates that no one can be loster than me in economics.
24 hours ago i was very tensed up because i didnt know how to answer my economics paper. i think i’ll get a B. plus, minus or just a B. or maybe a C. plus, minus or just a C. he tested us on perfect competition, monopoly, economies of scale, internal economies, and a calculation question that i didnt know how to answer at all. the thing to be angry about was, all questions were exactly the same as the tutorial questions he gave out in class. how to score when out of 5 classes i’ve only attended 2… and one of the 2 was a quiz so you don’t count that a class.

moral was okay la. except i didnt have time to complete my paper. many friends left an hour later… which was the time i baru finished my first short answer question, another 4 essays to go. so stress can die; finger can putus also. in two hours, i wrote 7 pages of religion, bible, native belief, taoism, honorable characteristics, ethical decision making, moral dimensions, conflicts, methods to resolve conflicts, and abortion. and i continued writing until mr justin came to me and said ‘dear, you really have to stop’.

i was pretty emotional yesterday. it strucked me that it was going to be my last time there as a student. upset too, because i didnt have the chance to say a proper goodbye to all my lecturers and friends. and the office people i love to bits. and the photostating aunty. and the wantan mee guy. and my ttm. and the first shop aunty who always sponsors our events with mineral waters. and mr. nava our cutest, most responsible security guard. and the kakaks who always gives me free drinks and additional fried wantans. and the kakak who handles all my monthly parking fee.

i got home after being stuck in one of the longest jam in federal highway ever. took a good bath, ate some tofu, and slept for 12 hours straight. i’m awake now, with my energy charged. :)


i want to visit all the furniture shops in malaysia and do lots of furnitures shopping with my mum! i wanna eat jalan alor’s chicken wings! i want to retidy my room after the exam trauma mess! i want to watch all the movies in the cinema! i want to eat all i can in westin hotel! i wanna go phuket! and bangkok! and genting! and penang! and port dickson! and visit michelle in seremban! and singapore!!! and sunway lagoon! and go shopping!! and drink lots of coffee and beer and whisky. and dance! and and i wanna rock climb everyday! and buy some shoes and bags. and and… ahh… there are so many things i want to do! who wanna do it with meeee! :D :D


4 responses to “Freeee!

  1. (drum roll)……. and here’s the wet blanket….. “You still have one more essay to complete, dear, unless you have already aced that!” Muaks anyway :)
    Aunty V

  2. ME!! Oo Oo ME!!!!!!! PLSSSS TAKE ME!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!! :p

  3. So now you’re free, why not take part in this writing contest. You stand a chance to win a brand new Video iPod!

    Check this out!

  4. allany: why do you have to burst my happiness!!! :( :( :(

    Faithfulangel: comeeee!!! let’s gooooo!! :D

    StickonMe: until i finish my essay. i’ll think about it. thanks!

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