My Baby

last time when people say dogs are men’s best friends, i never understood. when they say they love their dogs very much, i doubt if they were saying it for the sake of saying. or if they are saying it like how i say i love my bags and shoes. a kind of liking, but definately not ‘love’. because, how can someone have such deep love for a dog?

tonight, i cried because i’ve finally decided to give my puppy away.

my puppy is not a pedigree, so he’s not beautiful. he’s naughty and aggressive, he’s hot-tempered and impatient too. but he is very, very healthy. he’s very active, very playful and he knows how to buy hearts of those who loves him. he’s a very quick learner, and he’s very, very smart and intelligent.

baby, sit.

baby, hand hand.

he is by far one of the cutest puppies i’ve met, and have gotten the chance to take care of.

making the decision of giving him away was the hardest, next to the breakup i called. i have all the reasons to, but only one reason not to.

baby, i love you too much.

i’m giving him to isaac. but because of his busy modelling career, he’ll be leaving baby at his hometown in malacca. his family adores dog alot. but they’ll be feeding him rice and bones, plus he will be able to run freely… that also means there are alot of dogs around the area so he’d get bruises and wounds from fighting.

i’m bothered because i prefer my baby to be fed dog food. and i don’t want him to live with unhealed wounds and ticks and fleas by mixing with other stray dogs.

isaac will collect baby next week. so if you are interested to adopt him, please give me a call or write me an email. you just have to shower him with lots of love and care. probably some treats and bones occasionally. dog food doesnt cost much. a packet of 3kgs will cost you rm19.90, which will last for a month. and when he grows bigger, you can get the other brands of adult dog food which is much cheaper. around rm38 for 8kgs. so you’ll have to pay less than rm1 per day.

he is still young so you can train him to adapt to your home, where to pee and what-nots. he likes bones alot and when you give him one, he’ll go to a corner, sit quietly to chew it. you also have to give him a cloth to lie on and sleep with. that’s all.

i’ll give you 4 kgs of dog food i’ve bought. and half bottle of cookies treats. and the bones i got from pets wonderland. and an apple-scented shampoo he loves. and a dog comb to check if he has fleas or ticks. and a chain. and a puppy toy he’s been living with since the day i brought him home. and a few puppy collars.

he doesn’t have a name yet. i’ve always wanted the best, nicest name for him that until today i still call him Baby. he’s dewormed, but not vaccined or neautered because the vet thinks he’s still too young. but if you think it’s going to be quite costly, i’ll pay for his medical fees.

you just have to promise me that you’ll love him. the kind of love that’s more than just feeding him. the kind of love that requires lots of effort and sincerity. the kind of love that you’d give to a best friend. the kind that i’ve given him for the past 2 months.

you will love him.

baby, good boy.


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  1. Why give away?

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