10 Hours Of Shopping

so i hit ikea again! :)
and the curve and ikano and 2046 cafe.

dragged yin mei this time and we shopped a whole 10 hours!

i had potato chips for breakfast, meatballs and westcoast salad for lunch, baskin robbins for tea, rosti for dinner and ice kacang for dessert! i know la, how to go on diet right. :P

we have been friends since the first day of college. argued countless of times over assignments but always ended up laughing like mad over the smallest things, been really angry with each other but always there to comfort and care. and the reason being… we are friends. good friends. best friends. most favourite friends. lesbian partners. :)

i just have to keep a distance from her because she has somekind of shopping vibes with her and it makes me want to buy and buy and buy and buy. which, really, is not a good thing after yesterday.


2 responses to “10 Hours Of Shopping

  1. er… my fault mer? i tot ur the shoppin princess?

  2. Aiyoh, Su Ann, remember your sms to me? the one with capital letters? tsk, tsk, tsk……

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