Camp Transformation 2007!!

in an hour’s time i’m leaving to broga, semenyih for the biggest, bestest, funnest, happeningest, syiokess, everythingest camp ever (so as ernest say)! :P

if i survive the camp, i’ll be back on tuesday! :)

one of my biggest regrets before i even reach camp is that i lost my camera at home!! how can right!! i remember it was there!!!!!! now it’s gone! like magic – ‘poof!’
and xianjin’s camera is too gigantic for me to bring along. bah! so sway la! how can i not take any pictures from the most happeningest camp. *&^%@#! :( :(

okay la i dont wanna talk already.
oh and i finally made up my mind. i’m going to the gala night as morticia addams. you know, the one from addam’s family. villain mah! can lah! and the costume i have is actually 99% similar to hers. hehe.
except i’m gonna wear my havana flipflop because my cantik black shoe very heavy. malas to carry. :(

till then, stay alive peeps! *waves*


One response to “Camp Transformation 2007!!

  1. Funny how u say u want to move out, then still blog here… are u lah…? So coming to Adelaide or not?!

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