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Drenched In Sweat

11:30pm – 3:00am.

thank you. :)

my dear, i hope we made your day. :)
you still have us!!

your ‘bottoms-up’ killed me. but i still love you… like, ‘that’ deep! :)
you are a gem of a friend worth dying for. really.

naughty girl, stop being so naughty already!
i dont wanna see you there again next week. :P

i thought about it… we’ll stick with HotScotch. ;)


Girls’ Partieeee!!!

3:00pm – 5:00pm.
bijou, mont kiara.

happy birthday, sweetheart!

“happie birthday, natasha.” petite jordan said those words in the sweetest tone ever! :)

you know, kids can be the sweetest and cutest. but not when they’re wild with excitement at the playground. they are sooo rough and careless that keeping track on them makes you lose 2kgs.

baby jane is all grown up. she looks so elegant in her little scarlet gown. :)

baby natalie!
“what’s your name?” “nat nat.” :)
it’s like she knows magic. one minute she’s still playing the handphone, next she’s running wild on the playground, then in a blink of the eye, she’s behind you and she goes, “boo!”

my darling jan sen!
my nieces and nephews are growing up too fast! now he knows how to smile at me and tell me i’m pretty. (okay la i exaggerated a little bit. hehe.)

the little sweethearts are the sweetest that way. :)

the birthday cakes and little cuppacakes!
one for everyone!!

and the sweetest of all…
a candid of peak sen and jan sen.
“awww…” :) :) :)

The Unforgettable Affair

6:30pm – 12:30am
bond martini bar, avenue k

it was definately an affair not to miss.

the mr. romeo who failed to smile properly when the camera snapped.
stephanie, our true you ambassador. she sang angela zhang’s yi shi de mei hao and it was simply superb! ;)
natalya, my favourite secretary and stage manager.
juliana and michelle, the twins who grew up to beautiful ladies with me since semester 1!

more pretty girts! rehka, piggy, ragina, and li ping! :)
evon, my bank manager. there’s no equality because our money is her money; her money is her own money!!

zak and jenhan, my favourite standup comedians. you must love them to bits!!
my favourite cousin and climbing kaki, gin. :)
sabrina and grace, the two lovelies who survived the whole campaign with me, alive. i could have been the worse director without them!! *lots of huggles and kisses*

Yin Mei – my fav pic and of course, fav friend too, su ann chong said:
mayb someday we can b lesbo partners
su ann said:
at this rate we’re going… can lah!! :P

And I Passed Out Too.

10:00pm – 4:00am.
decanter, hartamas.

to the end of diploma!

amresh is the hamsaplou of lime magazine.
and yin mei was supposed to be our bully victim.

leon cannot drink!

the waterfish isnt supposed to drink! he started with soya bean, then coke, then lots of tiger.

the sober hunk and the game master.

i told you the lousy fella cannot drink.
and failing your kindergarten maths 6 times make you a passed out rachel. :P :P

those who werent supposed to collapse collapsed.
what happened to the original plan!!! \&*$#@*&