What They Say

“If ever you want someone to show you what care and love is about, closest person one can ever think of incomparision with God, is this girl, Chong Su Ann.”

Vincent Fung

“…though quite sensitive at times, she thinks deep and thoroughly, and is exceptionally good at expressing her thoughts. The cheerful and amiable side of her can really bring joy and comfort to others…”

Choong Jee Yann

“Tough-chiq-to-win. The only angel that I’ve missed out on.”

Fong Hon Faai

“She’s been such a blessing to me, and she made an impact in my life through her compassion, thoughtfulness, kindness and sweetness. But she’s also stubborn and spiteful at times. I totally hate her when she doesn’t believe in me and my driving!! She’s mean!”

Yong Yi Sung

“the only girl in town who would tear down the cosmetics department with her cash. vulnerable to insults that are disguised in the form of sweet nothings. incredibly headstrong. the girl with a fort made of sand.”

Kingsley Sia

“Su Ann speaks her mind. She’s passionate in life and in what she does. She’s a talented writer who’s honest and truthful.”

Abidah Khalilur

“The one who knows everything about everyone, quiet but actively listening, caring, and very much in love with this Calvin boy. A very sweet girl, leaving lots of guys waiting for her in line. And… she loves her chickens!”

Kenton Ho

“Iviane is a bubbly girl with an engaging personality. Always full of surprises, there is a lot of depth under the simple facade. Never underestimate her.”

David Lian

“definately a girl who will do crazy and stupid stuff with you.”

Lum Wai Sum

“”i don’t want to friend you anymore” – the most oftenly used phrase by SU ANN. my dear little cousin isn’t so little, but she knows that and she doesn’t really care because she loves fried chicken from KFC.  Although she grows up faster than I can handle, she has matured through the years with the relationships she builds along the way. Always appreciative of her friends and family, Su Ann never fails to make a mark wherever she goes.”

Sarah Lian

“Su Ann is a very sentimental, talkative girl. Has lots of crazy ideas about whatever (usually the negative things. i.e, ghost). Although what it may seem from her appearance, she is actually a very kind hearted girl who always keep others feeling secured and warm with her caring heart.”

Chin Yung Han

“softness of soul personified. she is a pastel imagery of tears, rainbows and daisies, but hidden somewhere in those folds is a strong spirit just raring to go. this vibrancy is always dormant, but once in a while it peeks out in a sudden burst of hope. compassionate and sweet, a quiet (yet really noisy) ray of light in the lives of the people around her. “

Lim Su Ann

“Incredibly Blur. Vulnerable. Insane In A Sane Way. Aspiring Girl. Naturally Sociable. Ecstatic Nature.”

Nigel Sia


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